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Backflow occurs when the normal direction of water flow is reversed due to the pressure of the water delivery main being lower than the internal plumbing system.  Back Siphonage is also a form of Backflow which occurs due to a stoppage in water supply (often due to fire suppression) and reverses the normal flow of water in the system which in turn, pulls contaminants into drinking water.  Consequences of Backflow can be potentially serious with the most significant being contaminated water. As a result, the Water Corporation requires all West Australian Commercial Buildings to undergo Backflow Testing every twelve months. 

At Property Plumbing & Gas PTY LTD, we provide Backflow Prevention Perth services and assist you with carrying out Backflow Prevention Testing on your property.

Backflow Prevention


Service Overview

Property Plumbing & Gas provides the following range of services relating to the prevention and detection of Backflow:

  • Backflow device testing
  • Backflow device inspection
  • Backflow device installation
  • Backflow repairs

We are able to perform these services for both residential and commercial properties. Please reach us through our contact page to find out what other plumbing and backflow prevention Perth jobs we can do for you.

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Why Choose Property Plumbing & Gas

Given the complexities involved in both Backflow testing and installation, these services should only be performed by an experienced professional.  To remain compliant with the regulations of the Water Corporation and avoid penalties ranging from $500 to $5,000 per day, the following situations will be assessed for risk of Backflow:

  • New developments 
  • Any changes to existing water service 
  • Redevelopments of existing facilities 
  • Multiple residence and/or commercial (if the property has existing meters)
  • Any applications involving a fire service 
  • Additions and alterations (if the property has existing meters)
  • Any applications where the minimum water service size applied is greater than 25 mm in size (except for fire services, where backflow application applies regardless of the size of the service). 

Property Plumbing & Gas PTY LTD

Property Plumbing & Gas is an experienced and licensed Plumbing and Backflow Specialist service provider based in Perth. Call us at 0401 939 332 or contact us to repair, test, service, and install your backflow prevention systems today.

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Backflow Prevention Service


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