Plumbing Mistakes

Whether we’re dealing with commercial or residential plumbing, Property Plumbing & Gas PTY LTD does multiple quality checks to avoid plumbing mistakes.

An important thing to remember about plumbing is that one mistake can prove to be very costly. This is the exact reason why you shouldn’t leave your plumbing needs in the hands of just any plumbers. You need to look for the best plumbers in Perth to ensure you’ll get quality results.

With our company’s years of experience, we are considered as the best in our field! Our plumbers are highly trained that they easily avoid the common plumbing mistakes that other companies do.

Here are some common plumbing mistakes that you should be aware of…

Inadequate and inaccessible clean-outs

An experienced plumber knows that no matter how well designed or installed drains are, they can still become clogged.

That said, making sure that you’re clean-outs are adequate and accessible is an important factor that plumbers should NEVER disregard. If you hired a plumber that isn’t conscious about this, then you’ll soon be in trouble with your plumbing.

Space around toilets and sink

For whatever reason, there are still plumbers that are making this mistake. They aren’t giving enough space around the toilet or the sink to make sure that “plus sized” people would fit.

Can you imagine how much it’d cost you to have this problem fixed? Problems like these can’t be fixed without doing some renovations.

Inadequate air gaps

There should be an air gap between the basin flood lines and the water spouts. This ensures that the waste water doesn’t siphon back to the clean water lines if the basin is flooded.

These among many others are the common mistakes that the regular plumbers do. To avoid this, you’d either have to be very vigilant yourself or… You simply need to call us and let us do the plumbing for you.

With our quality service, your satisfaction is surely guaranteed!

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