Emergency Plumbing

Regardless of the kind of emergency plumbing needs that you have, we’ll get it fixed for you. Whether you have leaking taps, leaking toilets or even leaking gas, be at ease in knowing that you have us by your side.

Property Plumbing and Gas PTY LTD are experts in the field of plumbing. We know how important urgency and fast response is when it comes to dealing with emergency plumbing problems. Having said that, you can expect our professional and highly capable plumbers to get to you as fast as we can. Because of our genuine concern for our clients, we DO NOT keep them waiting.

Here’s why you should contact us for your emergency plumbing needs:

We’re exceptionally well equipped and fully stocked

A lot of plumbing services here in Perth doesn’t have the tools and equipments needed to fix complicated emergency plumbing problems.

We on the other hand are well equipped in dealing with maintenance issues. It’s because we realize that having the best tools can help produce better results.

No call out fee

As part of our dedication to give our clients the best service and treating them fairly, we do not have any call out fees. So if you have any emergency plumbing needs that you aren’t sure anyone can handle, then call us (it’s for free) so we can discuss the problem and try to have it resolved.

Fair pricing

Our service fees are one of the most if not the best here in Perth. We also offer a 10% pensioner discount on our services.

If that isn’t enough, we don’t charge our customers if we cannot fix the problem.

If you’re in a dire situation of having an emergency plumbing problem, then be at ease because we’ll be there to help you.

With our quality service and our promise to be there for you, you’ll have your emergency plumbing fixed in no time!

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